Cheese and FREAKY oragami club–meeting one

From bottom clockwise: gruyere, triple creme, goat truffle, and brie

    Cheese 1: swiss gruyere cave aged raw mil emmi

    Nutty, mildly salty, and sweet.  rating 4/5.

    Cheese 2: Triple creme delice de bourgogn lincet

    Mild, smooth, buttery, and creamy.  rating 5/5.

    Cheese 3: Goat truffle tremor cypress grove

    Mushroomy, creamy at the edges while slightly more firm in the center, and earthy. rating 4/5.

Cheese 4: Brie Fromager d’Affinios

Mild, buttery, creamy yet more firm than cheese 1. rating 4/5.

The FREAKY oragami:

As you can see, for this first meeting we decided to make samurai hats! By popular vote, the red and black one were chosen as the best oragami, and will be displayed prominently next meeting

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First Taste On Sunday!!

This Sunday we taste Rosey Goat from Spain and a your choice of any spanish blue cheese. You can purchase Rosey Goat at Nugget Markets. Remember to check One bottle down… ( for wine to drink with your cheese.  Please attach your experience on Sunday’s post, happy tasting!

visit this website to learn more about Rosey Goat:

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Spanish Cheese Jan ’09


This month we will taste a Spanish cheese in conjunction with the drunk blogger’s Spicy Spanish Reds pick at One bottle down.  Stay tuned for the pick and taste!

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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